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Property Owners

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Property Owners.

Whether you want us to find and screen tenants for your property, watch over or maintain your second home, and/or stage when you come to visit, or maintain your house if you are unable to, you can trust The PM People will take care of your investment.


Rent it.

For those of you who see property as a portion of your income, the PM People will carefully manage your investment. Just as you have an investment adviser handle your financial portfolio, everything that we do—finding tenants, handling repairs and improvements—is done to increase your ROI and continue to make you money.



Watch it.

Many property owners have second homes that need to be checked on and cared for in their absence. The PM People realize how valuable your home is to you, and watch over your home to ensure it is well maintained and just the way you remember it when you return. Additionally, would you like to have your house staged for your arrival?

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Maintain it.

Sometimes, you might not have the means or ability to give your house the attention it deserves. The PM People will make maintenance easy for you, utilizing our relationships with countless subcontractors in the area. This is ideal for people who may work out of town most days of the week, or for the individual who is not physically capable of maintaining their home. Whatever needs maintenance in your home, one call to the PM People does it all.

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