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A rental property manager makes a difference

rental property manager

What is the difference that having a rental property manager makes? Well here’s the real-life experience of some of our clients.

The Smiths were renting a home in Easley, SC, but decided they wanted to move to a home on the other side of town. However, their lease wasn’t up until midway between Thanksgiving and Christmas—a notoriously difficult time to find a rental. So they asked their rental property manager, Gina from The PM People, to help them.

Gina wanted to find a solution that would benefit everyone involved—including the homeowners who also relied on The PM People for a return on their investment.

Gina, the right property manager can help you!

Gina used her network to find a family, the Browns, who were looking for a home similar to the one the Smiths wanted to leave. They were looking for something slightly less expensive per month, however.

So Gina negotiated a rate that was reasonably within the Browns’ price range, but would also allow the homeowners to break even on their investment. And as an incentive to encourage the Browns to move quickly, she told them that if they would switch the utilities over to their name and get their renters insurance in place by a certain time, she would give them the first month for free.

The Browns were happy to accept these terms. As soon as the Smiths moved out, the Browns were ready to move right in.

This solution ended up being ideal for everyone:

  • Because Gina had found a replacement tenant so quickly, the Smiths were able to move several months before their lease was up, with no penalties.
  • The Browns got a great place to live, saved a month’s worth of rent, and still locked in a lower price than the house had originally listed for.
  • The homeowners’ rental income didn’t miss a beat—they were able to continue making a return on their investment without the house lying empty for a month or two between tenants.

The PM People are always looking to make a win-win-win out of every rental situation. Are you looking for a home, or do you want to turn a home you currently have into an investment? The PM People can make that happen—give us a call!

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