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Property manager helps couple retire to the mountains

We help couple retire to the mountains

Here’s another real-life situation in which a property manager turned a rental situation into a win-win solution.

The Smiths had been looking online for rental homes, and saw a home in Easley that they really liked. They told their current property manager, Gina from The PM People, about the house they were interested in.

Gina knew the owners of the Easley home, the Whites, and also knew that it was their dream to retire to the mountains.

Property manager helps couple retire to the mountains
Property manager helps couple retire to the mountains

She called them and told them that she had a potential tenant—when was the earliest they could move out? The Whites said they could be out of the home by August.

Gina was able then to work with both sets of landlords to help the Smiths orchestrate the move-out and move-in dates carefully. They moved out of their old home at the end of August and into their new one at the beginning of September—meaning they got the full value out of their August rent and could immediately start paying their new September rent, with no overlap or pro-rating needed.

This schedule was also beneficial to both landlords—since the homes didn’t lose money by remaining empty for any length of time.

If you’re looking for a win-win situation when it comes to finding a rental or turning a vacant home into an investment, give The PM People a call!

PM People Number:  (864) 735-7767

Photo Credit: Roger Smith via Compfight

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